People often ask why do I have a problem with pests, my house is clean and my garden neat.

It is important to remember that there is always a reason for pest activity in the home or in the office.

All pests require water, have you had a water leak recently or have one that you think is not too big and haven’t had repaired, that is a draw card, whether it is the dripping garden tap or the dripping kitchen tap, this is an automatic attraction from their natural habitat.

Have you got neighbours doing major renovations, rodent nests in the area could have been affected with the noise and vibrations in the ground and now abandoning the area and looking for a more peaceful space. Weather has a direct impact on pests, from droughts to flooding any severe weather will affect pests in their natural habitat whether it is to go in search of water or run from it. That is why the ideal months to action a preventative treatment is at the change of seasons, spring into summer and autumn into winter.