With the Rugby World Cup sealed and back in its rightful place and the Cricket World Cup still on the go, let’s compare a few facts about rugby, cricket and pests.

Rodent activity can start as a 7-man game and progress to a 15-man game within a month, give it another month and you will be able to add the bomb squad to those numbers.

As fast as Quinny can score a 100, our friends the German roaches will breed faster and run faster around the kitchen than Cheslin Kolbe charging down a kick.

The Americans don’t really participate in rugby and cricket they have their own World Series games in the sewers of which they are champions.

Ants will stop at nothing to cross the line and, get into your pantry and destroy your food. World Cup cricket is smashing all sorts of records at the moment, but the Pesties are fighting back hard to ensure that they are causing just as much havoc with statistics for this time of the year. Whether it be the Germans in the kitchen, Americans in the bathroom, or the Boskakalak in the garden they are making themselves very visible and certainly scaring most of the opposition.

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