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Recycling Management:

Keep recycling, especially bottles, away from your kitchen to deter American roaches, which are attracted to beer and recycling areas.

Kitchen Hygiene:

Regularly clean behind appliances to remove food residues that attract German cockroaches. Their presence doesn’t indicate a dirty home.

Rodent Prevention:

Elevate firewood on pallets to discourage nesting. Store pet food in sealed containers. Trim trees away from your roof to prevent easy access. Fix leaking taps to deny pests a water source.

Drain Maintenance:

Keep property drains open and flowing to deter American roaches and rodents.

Bird Feeding:

If you feed birds, ensure no excess birdseed remains on the ground, which can attract pests.

Garage Security:

Ensure garage doors are flush with the ground to prevent entry. Weather strips can help seal gaps.

Preventative Treatments:

Schedule preventative treatments before summer by applying external perimeter sprays, gel placement to deter German cockroaches, and drain sprays every three to six months.

Weather Considerations:

Be mindful of heavy rains impacting pest activity. Ant treatments are recommended in summer due to weather-related nest disruptions.


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