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With more than two decades of collective experience in the pest control industry, we prioritize effective communication and delivering top-notch service to our clients. Our comprehensive inspections target the root of the issue, covering the entire peninsula from Simonstown to Melkbos. Plus, our service frequencies are adaptable to your budget.

Crawling insect management

Cockroaches come in various types. The German cockroach, known for prolific breeding and a preference for humid conditions, often nests in kitchen appliances, particularly during warm summer months. The American cockroach resides in sewers, accessing homes through inlet pipes, typically found in bathrooms and kitchens. The bush cockroach, also known as “Boskakalak,” appears seasonally from September to December, nesting in vegetation and laying pods in your roof that hatch after 28 days. Both German and American cockroaches can carry diseases. American cockroach treatment involves spraying domestic drains, manholes, and inlets. German cockroach treatment includes spraying, flushing, gel, and powder applications, with severe infestations possibly requiring a gas release treatment.

Ant Management

A queen ant lays an astounding 1,000 eggs daily. The worker ants you spot in your home are foraging for sustenance to keep the queen content in her nest. Our ant treatment consists of two sessions, spaced seven days apart. A crucial aspect is the external work, targeting the queen ant and her breeding grounds for complete elimination. Without addressing these, the issue persists. Please remember not to water 24 hours before or after treatment to ensure its effectiveness, your partnership in this process is greatly appreciated.

Rodent Management

The roof rat, recognized by its short body and long tail, often gaining access through gutters, trees, or drain pipes into roofs; and the Norway rat, with a longer body and smaller tail, typically residing in gardens where they create burrows. Rodents reproduce quickly, with an average of 9 offspring every 21 to 25 days. Our rodent treatment includes baited methods, incorporating a thorough inspection to identify the root cause and offering proactive measures for homeowners. We prioritize safety by using multi-feed bait blocks to minimize secondary poisoning risks. Additionally, we offer permanent rodent bait stations to manage activity on your property, preventing indoor infestations.

Biting Insect Management


For flea control, a comprehensive approach involves thorough spraying of all affected areas. When dealing with fleas linked to pets, it’s essential to administer flea tablets to the pets and wash their bedding on the same day as the treatment. Fleas can be challenging since they often lay eggs in hidden areas, leading to new generations hatching around seven days later. This necessitates a follow-up second spray to effectively manage the issue. Our commitment to thorough treatment ensures your space is free from these persistent pests, providing lasting relief for both you and your pets.


Bedbugs, often dubbed the hitchhikers of the pest world, aren’t confined to just mattresses; they can hide behind headboards, picture frames, and curtains. Their attraction to your body and blood leads to those annoying bites. If you’ve recently traveled and now have bedbugs, it’s likely they hitched a ride from another place you stayed. For severe infestations, a gas release may be necessary. They pose a high risk for Airbnbs. Regular mattress treatments are crucial—every six months is a prudent frequency.

Bird Management

Birds can become particularly active during spring, seeking shelter in roofs to build nests. To prevent this, bird-proofing is essential. Our services include nest removal and roof spraying to address bird lice, as bird droppings are not only toxic but also attract rodents. Our expert team conducts thorough inspections and treats roofs to tackle minuscule bird lice. Bird-proofing entails sealing access points, typically found between gutters and roof sheets, to effectively keep them out. This seasonal challenge keeps us busy, especially during spring.

Fly Management

Discover our fly control solutions: We offer fly catcher units for direct purchase, along with the necessary glue boards. In commercial kitchens, compliance with health department regulations mandates the use of fly units. Additionally, we provide red top disposables for your convenience. Our potent fly treatment chemicals are carefully and precisely applied to areas with potential issues due to their high toxicity. To effectively manage flies, it’s advisable to implement
regular spraying in problem areas, such as refuse storage spaces.