About us

Solid Pest Management was started to fill the vital role of being a service provider that can be depended on and trusted in an industry requiring expertise and professionalism.

We are 110% service driven and believe that pest management is not a luxury it is a necessity to curb diseases and epidemics amongst the population. We are always looking for new ways to treat problems and are constantly training and developing our staff to new techniques and… products. We partner with our suppliers to constantly improve treatment techniques and introduce new and innovative ways to solve issues. We follow good corporate governance and adhere strictly with all regulations in the industry, but with the service levels of a small company who prides itself on customer service

Our team

With management having been in the corporate field of a large South African multi-service company, it was decided to take this experience and knowledge and start Solid Pest Management. Applying all the good corporate governance learnt but cutting through the red tape, to ensure our clients come first.

Our team a combined 22 years of pest management experience AND we’ve evolved from humble origins to proudly serve over 500 customers, in both the commercial and residential domains. Even though we are based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, we extend our top-notch services from Simons Town to Melkbos and beyond.

What Makes Us


We use the term Pest Management, it is simple we cannot control what happens on your premises, but we can manage what we are responsible for, this is done with one specific thing in mind, protect our clients assets, infrastructure and employees. We don’t just do a job, we take pride in assisting our clients and solving their problem along with educating and communicating with them at all times. We partner with our clients forging long lasting relationships.